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Santa Cruz Island Sheep

Santa Cruz Island Sheep

We're very lucky to have 30 of this critically endangered breed of sheep, originally from the Channel Islands of California, the rarest sheep in America. They produce an amazing soft fleece, that is sought after by hand spinners because if its crimp. White and black raw fleeces are available after our sheering which usually happens in spring. Check out the Legacy Farm Updates page for more info.

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At Legacy Farm we sell Santa Cruz Island Fleece. To learn more about purchasing our fleece please click on the link below to get in touch with us.

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Poitou Donkeys

We enjoy 7 Poitou donkeys at Legacy Farm, including these new babies!

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Oberhasli Goats

We are looking forward to having baby goats, (cute as they were pictured here), with Mona and Lisa in early 2014. We'll also look forward to their yummy milk once they've had their babies.

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The Ducks

Our Muscovy ducks lay great eggs and are one of the best duck moms! We sell the eggs as well as the ducks and ducklings. There is nothing as cute as a baby duck!

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The Chickens

Our chickens eat like queens and produce the best eggs! We sell 'em too...

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Our Dogs

Isis and Mara are Legacy's livestock guard dogs. ½ Pyrenees, ½ Akbash, they help protect livestock from coyotes and bears.

Finn is our 'rounder upper', helping to heard anything that moves. Raven is an all round friend and sheep herder too.

Our Cats

Meet Pong, one of our three farm cats along with Mia and Millie. They help to keep the rodent population down as well as keep our toes warm in bed during the cold winter months.

And Then There's Harry

Harry the Peacock lived here even before we got here and created Legacy Farm.  He seemed to really like it here, so Harry decided to stay.  We're sure glad he did....have you seen his beautiful feathers?! He drops them every summer for us to collect and then they all grow back again for next year. He is free roaming and smart; sleeps way up in the huge maple trees, well protected from any predators.

Oberhasli Goats

Mona and Lisa are twin Oberhasli sisters who are from a breed of dairy goats originating from Switzerland....

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Santa Cruz Sheep

We're very lucky to have 30 of this critically endangered breed of sheep, the rarest sheep in America. They produce an amazing...

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Poitou Donkeys

Originating in the Poitou region of France, these donkeys known for their thick tangled coats, are now an endangered species....

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